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A brief trip to Lazio

by Charlotte

Rome's top hotels are always popular with gastronomically-minded tourists from all over the world.

Lazio has often been overlooked in wine making circles but the region borders the much-celebrated districts of Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, Molise and Campania, which are all famed for their fine wines. Accordingly, Lazio has a considerable amount to offer to the discerning wine enthusiast with a range of different and high-quality wines available.

Two of the greatest wines from Lazio are Cesanese del Piglio and Cesanese del Piglio Superiore, which have both been awarded the coveted DOCG status. Produced in the province of Frosinone, these wines are made almost exclusively from the Cesanese di Affile/Cesanese Comune grapes.

They are authentic local wines as tradition dictates that some white grapes are allowed to be added to the mix to increase the smell and acidity of the wine.

Dry and sweet versions are available, with winter being the best time to sample them. Cesanese del Piglio goes particularly well with roasted chestnuts, whilst it is typically drunk with lonze (fillet of cured pork), blood pudding and sausage. If you can get into the countryside to sample this authentic fare then make sure you take a bottle with you.

The most famous wine from the Lazio region, however, is Frascati, which is made in the town of the same name. This pale-coloured dry white wine has been heavily influenced by Roman viniculture, meaning a more traditional drink is created.

It has been awarded DOC status and is typically made from the Trebbiano, Greco and Malvasia di Candia grapes, making it especially fruity. The Fontana Candida and the Gotto d’Oro are two of the most famous wineries in the creation of Frascati.

Meanwhile, the town itself is worth a visit as it is famous for its stunning villas, which were built from the 16th century by Popes, cardinals and Roman nobles. The architecture in this region is perfect to observe with glass in hand.

Despite the dryness of Frascati, wines from Lazio are typically sweet and therefore complement rich food well. Roasted meats and desserts are particularly popular in this region, so heading into the countryside to sample them comes highly recommended.

The dessert wine Cannellino, which is typically imbibed with the Roman version of donuts, should be sampled. Meanwhile, there are many different local wineries in the region whose produce should be tried. Touring around will deliver experiences you won’t regret.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Support us by using our links to Amazon when you shop.