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My Italian Wine Diaries

Our goal is to keep on discovering fine Italian wines, those never found outside of Italy, made by little known and normally small producers tucked away in some of the most beautiful corners of Italy.

As soon as we find a new estate we love we'll add it here so click on the orange button, at the bottom of the navigation bar, to subscribe to our RSS feed and enjoy all the greatest Italian wines as soon as they are "discovered".

Undiscovered Fine Italian Wine

Fine Italian wine

Producing Brunello means the bar will always be high and this estate manages to rise above it every time. In a land of giants they proudly hold their heads high

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Near the Italian wine city of Alba lies....

Andrew, thank you very much for your advice on where to visit near Alba and which wine estates to visit. I took your advice and everywhere was superb.

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Il Colombaio

We love to stay at Il Colombaio outside the walls of Monteriggioni. Beautiful vineyards next to the pool and beyond. Great rooms in an old stone house,

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Coffee, Selling Italian Wine, Manners & Turin Wine Show

Hello Andrew it is Salvo here. I don't think you remember me but I met you at the Torino Wine Show when you were a guest of Torino and an official wine

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Looking for the Best Beach in Sicily? We've Found it!

Best beach in Sicily San Vito lo Capo

Off an ancient island in the Mediterranean sea is a beach of powder white sand and turquoise seas. A beach of indescribable beauty. This then is the best beach in Sicily...

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Frascati Wines

 Frascati Wines by Michelle Aschbacher -

Who has never heard of Frascati wine? It became famous (again) with the Dolce Vita, when Richard Burton and Liz would drink it whilst escaping to the Castelli

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Discover the Best Italian Wine Online

I feature a small number of estates discovered during my ten years in Italy. These are mostly estates that have never sold outside of Italy.

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An Inside Guide to Wineries near Venice Italy

Wineries near Venice

Want to spend a day visiting wineries near Venice? Read our insider guide to discovering some of the finest Italian wineries right on the doorstep of Venice.

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Wineries near Rome Italy


Rome is an amazing city with so much to see. Take an afternoon though to explore the gorgeous vineyards and taste the wonderful wines at these wineries near Rome.

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Wineries near Florence

Tuscany Hans

Visiting Florence and interested in visiting some great wineries near Florence? We have some of the best ways to do that.

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A Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy

langhe wine tour italy

Looking for a wine tour in Piedmont Italy? Don't bother you can do your own wine tour just as easily and it will be much more fun. Here is how...

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Great wine tour (and great wines) in Venice

It all started with a Prosecco... we arrived in Venice in the middle of May, and we found a splendid, superb Venice. The sunny and cool Italian spring

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Italian Wine Merchants in New York

Desperately Seeking a Wine Mechant in New York

I am an Australian by birth but a New Yorker by work. What I mean is I'm now living in the greatest city on earth -New York thanks to the company I work

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On our trip to Sicily we rented a car in Palermo and the first stop was Cefalu. It's a town on the northeast coast of Sicily by the sea. The small town

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Sicily: 50 Shades of Blue

Good morning from CharmingSicily! You – like us – love Sicily. And we – like you – want to make sure that the beauty of this island is well-known,

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Pertinace Wine - The Finest in Piedmont

The Langhe region is a beautiful part of Italy. Home to some really good Italian wines and the Pertinace wine is one of my favorites.

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The Best Books about Italian Wine

Do you love Italian wine? Then there are three books about Italian wine that you really must read.

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A Magical Winery Stay in Piedmont Italy

This is exactly what my dreams of Italy have always been. A winery stay in Piedmont Italy turned out to be a memory I'll always treasure. We stayed at...

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An Exceptional Italian Grappa & the Best Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate drink

Now and again I find products so special I just have to feature them, this is one such: one of the best examples of Italian Grappa and a superb Chocolate Liqueur.

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Italian Wine Photos

Vineyards in Tuscany Italy

Italian wine photos and Italian winery pictures. A selection of superb wines and breathtaking vineyards from the wonderful land of Italy.

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Where to Stay in Sicily?

san rocco in Sicily

Where to stay in Sicily? From my journeys around the island I can tell you that there are a few very special places you should seriously consider staying.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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About Tuscan Wine


Nothing about Tuscan wine is boring. Behind every bottle there is a story. Stories of hardship and, tragedy but more than that of passion and triumph. Every nuance of a beautiful land in each sip.

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Vineyards near Venice


There are plenty of vineyards near Venice that are really producing excellent wines. I'd like to share a few that I really enjoy and take you on a video journey exploring the region and its wine.

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Wines from Sicily Online

Forty meters above sea level, in the county of Monreale and a short drive from Palermo lies Fattorie Azzolino one of the best Sicilian wine producers. These and other wines from Sicily online now!

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The Best Beaches in Tuscany

best beaches in Tuscany Alberto

Tuscany is full of history and ancient villages but sometime those hot summer days mean I need a beach. Here then are the best beaches in Tuscany

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The Complete Piedmont Wine Region Guide

The Piedmont wine region offers not only the best wines in Italy but the most beautiful scenery of any wine region I have ever visited anywhere in the world.

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Open your own Wine Business

My wine business brings many a small Italian winery and their wines to the attention of the world and provides me with a good living. You can open your own similar business is easy!

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Karen & Ted

Tuscan getaways for our friends Karen & Ted on

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Buy a Wine Business

treviso-wine-route-pixa.jpg shares some of Italy's greatest wine. Over the years the website has seen exponential growth... buy a wine business

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Ruché Italian Wine Shop

Montalbera winery Piedmont

Looking for stock for my online Italian wine shop Franco told me he only needed to show me one wine - the “Red Prince of Monferrato” and I'd understand everything. I took a!

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The Very Best Beaches on the Italian Riviera

liguria beach varigotti boost

Where are the best beaches on the Italian Riviera? Discover this and more in our complete guide to Liguria - otherwise known as the Italian Riviera...

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Photos of Wine....Italian Wine

Langhe Piemonte Beppe

Next best thing to actually drinking a glass or two is to look at lovely photos of wine...Italian wine. Will you join us for a photo or two?

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Procida Vines

Under the vines Susanne

A short way from Naples there exists an incredible island of colored cottages and deep blue seas. Procida vines grow up the rocky hillsides above...

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The Best Food in Italy is now Available Online

Yes we do...have the best wines of Italy that is. But what does every great wine really need? Great food of course! We now offer the best food in Italy online.

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Discovered! The Best Beach in Puglia

beach in Puglia

Which is the best beach in Puglia? One with endless stretches of white sand and crystal seas? There is one beach better than all others, locals call it the “Maldives”.

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Staying at Tuscan Wineries

Badia a coltibuono - tuscany

Staying at Tuscan wineries, if only for a short time, is something that should be on everybody's bucket list. Rather be in this corner of Tuscany right now? Click here and start preparing to leave!

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Good Italian Wines Guide

Sixteen hectares of rolling Tuscan fields which for more than fifty years have produced some very good Italian wines, discover this estate and others in our boutique Italian wine estate guide.

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Discover the Best Tuscan Wines

Tuscan winery

On my mission to discover the best Tuscan wines I am happy to share with you today Badia a Coltibuono. Once a monastery where a thousand years ago the monks began planting vines.

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Wine near the the Rapolla Thermo Spas

This winery is found near the famous thermo spas of Terme di Rapolla. Passion for wine is something you will find at every winery I feature on my site and Cantina del Notaio is no exception.

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Great Italian Wines Online

My wife Maria is from Veneto and up until now I have featured few of these excellent Italian wines online. After lots of pressure from Maria this has changed and Condoni is one of those I have added.

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Great Sicilian Wine Online

Sicily is really producing some top quality wines now and many of these wines are slowly becoming available and being appreciated internationally. Colosi is one such Sicilian wine...

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How to Learn about Italian Wine

The good news is that the best way to learn about Italian wine is one hundred percent guaranteed to be the most enjoyable study course you've ever done. Click here to check out part one ...

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The Best Wine Regions Italy Has to Offer

The Veneto is one of the wine regions Italy is most famous for, discover some of the undiscovered boutique estates and wines of this and other Italian regions.

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Fine Italian Red Wines from the Cascina Saria Winery

Neive Lauri boost

Cascina Saria has made enormous strides in terms of quality and they are now producing some really fine Italian red wines. Lovely place to visit too. Right on the doorstep of the Italian Alps

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Amalfi to Venice

Journey through Italy - from Amalfi to Venice

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Remember this?

Bardolino Wine Museum and the Zeni Winery

Bardolino Wine Museum

The Bardolino wine museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. Even if you know nothing about wine you'll be fascinated

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A Favorite Italian Wine region

Have a favorite Italian wine region or Italian wine? Share it and discover with us the little known wines and regions we have discovered over the last ten yearsof living in Italy.

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