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Wines from Piedmont

Piedmont is a region producing some of Italy's and indeed the world's best wines.

Many people outside of Italy know very little about the Piedmont region nor its wines, yet this is an incredible land. It is the region I called home for ten years and it is the region my other site is all about - click here to visit.

In fact it is a real shame more people haven't discovered the incredible beauty and superb wines on offer in this North Eastern corner of Italy, however I hope that through watching some of these videos you'll have a greater appreciation of the region, wines and food of Piedmont.

Even if you already know the wines and Piedmont inside out I am sure you'll learn something from these videos, I certainly did.

The only thing you need to do after watching the videos is to taste some of the wines and of course start planning that trip to Piedmont.

First of the videos talks about the premier Barolo wine which is grown from the Nebbiolo grape. Of all the wines from Piedmont the Barolo is the best and it is rated as one of the best wines in all of Italy.

Wine in the Piedmont is so closely tied to the wonderful food of this premier Italian gourmet region and this video explains a little more about the food and wine. Don't those truffles they show look great?

This videos take you on a journey through the beautiful Langhe region where most of Piedmont's top wines are produced. This is a region where some of Italy's loveliest villages and towns are to be found and the rolling hills, covered in vineyards are absolutely gorgeous. The video will also introduce you to the "king of all wines".

The last video is from the BBC and mentions the Marchesi di Barolo. The video shows a little of the beautiful scenery of the Piedmont and a lot about  a whole lot of corkscrews!

For more on Piedmont itself and the wonderful attractions of this magical region click here.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases