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Prosecco - The King of Italian Sparkling Wines

Italian sparkling wines developed a terrible reputation thanks to the once cheap and horrible Asti Spumante.

Thankfully that is now changing with even the Asti Spumante improving. However when it comes to Italian sparkling wines there is one name that is doing a whole lot to reverse those bad memories of old.

It is the Prosecco – Italy's champagne.

Most Prosecco comes from the Veneto region of Italy. That's the famous region that is home to Venice, Verona and a number of other incredible cities.

Visiting Prosecco Country

Valdobbiadene, a little outside of Venice, is the place to begin exploring.

You can either base yourself here – in which case do make sure that you stay at the lovely and delightfully charming Dolce Vista.

Otherwise stay in Venice itself. These are the hotels my wife Maria and I would recommend in Venice.

Prosecco is – Prosecco isn't

Well it isn't quite up to the standards of good champagne but it isn't anything like that horrible sweet spumante of yesteryear.

Basically it's crisp and dry with a touch of citrus and fruit. The sort of thing you can very easily get hooked on and it won't cost a fortune. The perfect party drink that will have you singing and dancing in no time.

They love the stuff so much in Italy that they even write songs dedicated to this King of Italian sparkling wines. There's no good reason not to get into the Prosecco lifestyle – begin by singing along to the Prosecco song!

On a more serious note you can learn a little more about Prosecco by watching a well known expert discussing its qualities...

Buying Prosecco

Candoni (click here for more) is a great winery for Prosecco. They produce a classic and very affordable version.

Why not take these three simple steps to learning more about Italian wine?

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases