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Ruché from our Italian Wine Shop

Most of the wines in my online Italian wine shop are those I've discovered while visiting the various wine regions of Italy or based on the recommendation of friends.

Surprisingly I have discovered very few at wine shows. This wine from Montalbera Terra Del Ruché is a delightful exception. I discovered it at the Turin Wine Show a few years back.

I was impressed by the fact that they had but three vintages of a single wine to taste. Most wineries turn up with dozens of different wines.

Franco Morando, the owner's son, told me he'd only show me the one wine -the “Red Prince of Monferrato”. All I needed to do was taste and I'd understand everything.

I took a sip and I was impressed! So much so that I haven't stopped drinking it since.

I may not have understood “everything” as Franco suggested but I certainly knew that I had discovered a very special wine.

The Ruché, produced from 90% Ruché varietal, is one of those wines that deserves to be loved the world over but instead remains in virtual obscurity. It is made in a very limited area surrounding six little villages in the Piedmont wine region near Asti.

Montalbera winery Piedmont

Montalbera have been working these lands for over a century and their love for this grape is incredible. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it.

Most people in Piedmont will tell you how special Ruché is. It has always been known as the wine you drink on those important occasions.

Completely different from the better known Piedmont wines, you are in for a real treat and a delightful surprise if you have never tried it before.

Where to Stay near Monferrato

The various Piedmont wine regions are incredible. If you like beautiful scenery, characteristic medieval villages, warm Italian hospitality and of course superb food and wine then you really must visit.

The area around Montalbera is perfect to begin exploring. Montalbera Winery has a brand new tasting room and they are planning on opening a guest house but personally I would suggest you stay at the Locanda Antico Ricetto. You'll be assured of a warm welcome and plenty of wonderful local dishes at their restaurant.

The owner is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to local wines and will be happy to advise on wineries to visit.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases