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Coffee, Selling Italian Wine, Manners & Turin Wine Show

by Salvo
(Torino, Italia)

Un Caffe

Un Caffe

Hello Andrew it is Salvo here. I don't think you remember me but I met you at the Torino Wine Show when you were a guest of Torino and an official wine tester. I remember very much how well you spoke Italian - complimenti!

Yesterday, after such a long time, I found your website. I see the names of many of the wines I love and some are owned by my friends too.

It is very nice that you are not only for the big names of Italian wine.

Why though do you not sell the wines directly?

I see many you can't buy on the website. Would it not be better to sell them yourself? I am very sure all your visitors would love to buy the wines from you.

Anyway thank you for your website and next time you are in Torino please contact me - we can take a coffee together.

P.S. I hope you like the photo - it reminded me of how polite you were!

Andrew's reply:

Of course I remember you Salvo...I remember we tried some very good wine from Puglia together. It is great to hear from you again.

Next time I am in Turin I will definitely take you up on the coffee offer. I love the photo too. For those who don't understand Italian it basically say that if you just ask for a coffee, without a please, you pay more. The more polite you are the cheaper it gets!

To get onto your question about why I don't sell the wines directly. Well the problem is I am no big company and most of the people who visit my site come from the USA. I am not capable of handling all the paperwork and even many of the wineries I feature can't do it.

They are too small and the rules and regulations with regards to shipping wine to the United States and other countries are just too complicated. If I could find a reliable partner who stocks and ships these wines it would be another story but it is not easy.

Anyway maybe one day I will be able remains a dream for now!

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