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Wine Regions Italy - Veneto

Who is Enzo Faccioli

Enzo Faccioli is a quite remarkable man. He has turned the dreams of his youth, through his passion for wine and the local terroir, into a reality.

From the beginning Enzo’s passion for his rather unique soils and vines produced excellent results.

In 1969 Enzo purchased land near Lazise close to the shores of Lake Garda in Veneto.

In the 80’s on the back of growing experience and continually improving results Enzo purchased a further 62 hectares in Sona near Verona. Each section of this rich and hilly terroir has a unique name that reflects an important event in the estates history

Today Enzo’s sons assist in running the farm with the same passion and dedication.


Enzo always believed that his vineyards and the terroir produce a superb wine which means his work in the cellar is kept to a minimum.

The winery produces a number of the most famous Veneto varieties, some of the more important are:

Bianco di Custoza DOC; A delicate white wine with hints of honeysuckle and spring blossoms, produced from Garganega, Trebbianello, Bianca Fernanda and Trebbiano Toscano. A great wine to compliment the local creamy Tortellini pasta dishes.

Pinot Grigio; A classic wine from the Veneto, Enzo really does produce an excellent Pinot Grigio.

Corvina del Veneto; Produced from 100% Corvina grapes this wine is aged 18 months in tonneaux and six months in the bottle. Refined tannins with a slightly spicy structure, enjoy ideally with roasts.

Bardolino Superiore; I really do enjoy this wine, ideal with the traditional polenta and meat dishes of the Veneto, Full of rich berry flavours. The wine is produced largely from Corvina and Rondinella varietals.

Amarone Classico della Vapolicella A real classic of this area. Amarone is made from the grapes used for a standard Valpolicella 75% Corvina, 20% Rondinella and 5% Molinara.

The wine is a rich, full bodied wine with 16% alcohol content because the grapes are left for five months in drying sheds where they become shriveled producing a more concentrated wine with a strong structure and with a fruity fragrance.

Visiting the Estate

You will always be made to feel right at home on the estate and Enzo has recently opened a large tasting room.

A good idea is to stay a night or two at the excellent Monte Tondo bed and breakfast , set in beautiful countryside, a short distance from Verona and the perfect base for exploring the Enzo Faccioli estate and many others nearby.

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