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Unique Wine Tours in Italy

Wine tours in Italy are truly an unforgettable experience. Tasting some of the world's best wines is wonderful enough to start with.

Combine that with some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, the best food too and incredibly ancient villages and towns and you will quickly see why a tour of Italy's wineries is like nothing else on earth.

Langhe Piedmont

The best way to undertake wine tours in Italy?

Choose one or two regions, base yourself in the heart of that region and then explore.

For example in Piedmont stay at the lovely Corte Gondina in the heart of the Langhe, hire a car and visit the estates on this site and the many other excellent ones in and around.

Same thing in Tuscany, you would stay at the Locanda Terenzi, rent a car and visit Tuscany's Maremma district wineries and the many other wineries elsewhere in Tuscany.

The only difficulty is that many of the smaller, and often better wineries, need you to book ahead in order to visit.

Sometimes too they speak little English so unless your Italian is fluent and you are an experienced traveler in Italy it can be very difficult. If this is the case I would suggest the following...

1) Choose a region or better still choose two. As a rough guide I would say a minimum of four days for each region is required to really explore it properly.

2) Book your accommodation in the region or regions of your choice.

3) Book a few one day wine tours before you leave in each of the regions - some of the better ones are lower down this page.

4) Then rent a car for the remaining time and explore on your own.

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