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Great wine tour (and great wines) in Venice

by Gregory

It all started with a Prosecco... we arrived in Venice in the middle of May, and we found a splendid, superb Venice.

The sunny and cool Italian spring was in bloom, the air was clean from smog and traffic noises as only in Venice it can be.

My wife, my two sons and me decided to find a way out the tourist jam and while we were drinking a bloodily expensive (and a bit too acid, to be honest) glass of Prosecco wine as an aperitif, pushed and crushed in an overcrowded winebar near San Marco, we decided to look for a wine tasting tour-walk in Venice.

We booked a tour with, a small Italian tour operator, and the following afternoon we were in their hands. And it was good.

The guys guiding us were not cheesy, nor that kind of fake-enthusiastic tourist cheerleaders you can find often in organized tours, they were just genuine, kind and competent people.

The places they brought us to visit were hidden treasures, places where local people meet, places where you can really find the famous Italian quality.

And in fact, the Italian wine they gave us to taste were really, really, really good - Valpolicella, Prosecco, Raboso... oh, how I loved Raboso! - and it was accompanied with a set of cicchetti, the typical venetian snacks, also delicious.

We will be back in September with a couple of friends and I really hope this tours will be available again. Highly recommended.

Andrew's reply: Thanks for the recommendation Gregory. I'll definitely check out their tours. I have always worked with Viator for tours in Venice in the past and have found them to be really good, but it is nice to know of others too.

For anyone visiting Venice why not check out my wife Maria's guide to Venice which is packed full of great insider information, details on tours, gorgeous photos and some of the hotels in Venice we normally stay at and can highly recommend.

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