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The Best Food in Italy - Online

This website is mostly about the best wines of Italy. But to really be enjoyed properly what does every great wine really need? Great food of course!

Seeing the wines on the site are Italian and considering that no other country has food as good as Italy's food, it is only logical then to bring you some of the best food in Italy.

Only a few years back, when I wrote my article on the Slow Food movement which started in Italy, most of Italy's great foods were difficult to get hold of outside of the country.

Now thanks to Amazon and a few of the excellent and reputable online Italian food sites they work with this has all changed. You can now get everything from the best salami to the best chocolates delivered right to your door.

I have therefore worked with Amazon and these Italian gourmet websites in selecting some really delicious treats. I haven't listed endless items, only a few that are really special, Browse around the Amazon site though and you'll find plenty more mouthwatering and simply delicious treats.

Once I get started on food it is hard for me to stop. But it is getting late. So before I get too long winded about my passion for food and have Maria, my lovely wife, on at me for not presenting myself at the dinner table...

Here are the Italian gourmet items I have chosen for you.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases