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Wineries from Venice & Verona

The number of wineries from Venice through to Verona is incredible but only a few of the wines and wineries reach the greatest of heights.

One of those that does is Tommasi which is home to some really fine Italian red wine.

The best of all the Veneto wines is the Amarone Valpolicella and Tommasi produces about the best Amarone Valpolicella you'll ever taste.

A dry full bodied, intense and yet incredibly smooth wine. From the first mouthful of this you'll know that you've discovered something special.

Another less famous, but excellent, wine and one of the best Italian wine bargains is the Valpolicella Ripasso. Again full bodied but with a slightly spicy note.

Who are Tommasi Wines?

Tommasi is still owned and run by the same family who have been making wines here, on the outskirts of Verona, for four generations. Every single person working at the winery seems to be a Tommasi, from the Wine Maker through to the Export Manager everyone is family. They all love what they do which is clear to see in their wines.

I have selected below some of the vintages and wines that I believe are the best ones to buy. I offer them in conjunction with Amazon to ensure complete peace of mind when ordering. Therefore simply pick , pay wait a little bit and enjoy sheer drinking pleasure!

Where to Stay when visiting the Tommasi vineyards

Soave (click for more) is an amazing town and is not too far from the Tomassi and plenty of the other top wineries of the Veneto. If you'd like to stay nearer to Tomassi though I'd suggest you base yourself in lovely Verona. Try one of these hotels.

For more on the Tommasi vineyards watch the video below.

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Another of the wineries from Venice and the surround that I enjoy is Candoni. Click here for more.

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