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Great Sicilian Wine

Sicily is really producing some top quality wines now and many of these wines are slowly becoming available and being appreciated internationally. Azzolino, is one such wine estate which has proved very popular.

Therefore I thought I would include another favorite wine estate of mine in Sicily, an estate producing wines of equal quality.

These wines are those produced by the Colosi family on a little island just off the Sicilian mainland. The island is Salina and the terroir is just perfect for producing the great names of Sicilian wine.

The terroir is not an easy one though and to understand the nuances of the terroir and the micro climate here takes lots of experience.

Just as well then that the Colosi family have been working these lands for three generations. This experience is very evident in their wines which, now that they have been “discovered”, have started to receive excellent ratings in Italy and internationally.

In fact their wines, like their little island in the sun, are unique in that you seem to fall so easily in love with them and they have a strange pull that entices you back for another taste. You'll not easily forget Colosi nor Salina Island!

Want to Visit the Island and the Estate?

If you'd like to visit the estate and one of the loveliest islands you'll ever discover, surrounded by tanzanite blue seas, then book yourself a few days, or even a few weeks, at the charming Hotel Mea.

This bright and sparkling hotel offers stunning views over the island's port and out to sea. It is a quick and easy hydrofoil trip away from the Sicilian mainland.

Buying the Colosi Family Wines

If you would like to drink these wines, and let's be honest who wouldn't, then my advice is to try the Colosi Rosso first - definitely my favorite.

Listen to leading wine expert Peter Moeller as he tastes Colosi's Nero d'Avola...

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