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Italian Wine Merchants in New York

by Sam
(New York, USA)

Desperately Seeking a Wine Mechant in New York

Desperately Seeking a Wine Mechant in New York

I am an Australian by birth but a New Yorker by work. What I mean is I'm now living in the greatest city on earth -New York thanks to the company I work for sending me over here many years back.

I love the city and it is so amazing that anything you could ever want is available. Well almost anything... I can't find a number of the wines you have on your blog and in particular the ones from Fattoria Campigiana.

I tried it last year when I was in Tuscany. I went out to the winery based on your advice and tried all their wines.

I really enjoyed them and I really thought it would be simple to find once I was back in New York. It hasn't been. I have visited so many Italian wine merchants in New York and I yet I haven't been lucky enough to find it yet.

If you can suggest an Italian/New York wine store or you know of someone stocking this and some of the other wines on your blog I'd appreciate it. The ice wine from Casa Ronsil is one other wine I would really love to try but there are others.

Andrew's reply:

The question you are asking is one I get frequently, mostly from people in the United States and the United Kingdom. The problem is I only write about the wines I love, regardless of whether they are readily available or not. I don't sell any wines myself - the paperwork and bureaucracy involved was just way too complicated for me to handle on my own.

To give you the short answer: I can't really advise you on any Italian wine merchant in New York who might stock the wines because I don't know anyone who does.

In fact I would love it if wine merchants in the USA and UK, who do stock these wines, would contact me so that I could feature a link to them. I am more than happy to provide them with plenty of advertising space as it would be a great help to people wanting to buy these wines.

So all you wine merchants out me!!

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