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Types of Red Wine & White
Made by Nino Costa

Who is Nino Costa?

Nino Costa is an institution around this corner of Piedmont known as the Roero, for countless generations his family has worked these lands and today Nino and his sons continue that tradition.

Nino Costa produces some of the most famous types of red wine from Piedmont but also some great wines that are not very well known.

The Estate

Located amongst the rolling hills on the left bank of the Tannaro you will find the Nino Costa wine farm.

Despite being what is now fashionably called a boutique wine estate of only seven hectares the wines produced here have developed a huge reputation in Piedmont for exceptional quality. After so many generations working this terroir and with the family’s understanding of their soil and climate it is little surprise that the results are superb.

The Wines

Top of the pops has to be the Seminari -Roero Arneis DOCG. Made entirely from the Arneis grape, this is one of Piedmont’s greatest wines. Straw coloured with golden reflections the wine is packed with fresh fruity flavours of apple and pear with definite hints of honeysuckle.

Bric del Medic Roero DOCG is another one of the superb types of red wine made by Nino Costa. Rich red diamond colours and made 100% from the famous Nebbiolo grape, the Roero ages 22 months in oak and 12 months in the bottle. The result is a full bodied wine with a marvelously long finish with hints of red fruit, violet and vanilla.

Birbet Dry (Brachetto del Roero); A most unusual wine, normally a Brachetto is a sweet wine and the nose of this wine is that of a sweet wine yet it is dry. Produced from Brachetto del Roero grapes the wine is fruity yet delicate and fresh, indeed very particular. Nino and family recommend that you enjoy the wine with desserts of the fruit or baked variety and fairly young cheeses and having followed their suggestion I have to agree. All in all this is a wine that anyone who loves wine should get hold off – superbly different

Nino Costa also produces excellent versions of those two great Piedmont red wine names, the Barbera d’Alba and the Nebbiolo d’Alba, both are extremely good value and of superb quality.

Visiting the Estate of Nino Costa?

If you'd like to visit this incredibly beautiful part of Italy and need a place to stay then I have no hesitation in recommending the Locanda Antico Ricetto. I can promise you that you'll love it. If (never going to happen) you don't tlike the place then please let me know below.

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