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A Little about Tuscan wine


The enjoyment of great food and drink is at the heart of traditional Italian society and, thanks to a vibrant tourist trade, we can now all enjoy the taste of the real Italy.

It is no surprise that the country is the world’s largest wine producer, responsible for around one-fifth of global wine production. The Romans set the foundation for modern wine making in the region, developing organised and efficient grape-growing, barrel making and bottling techniques.

The shape of the country is ideal for wine growing; its long shoreline helps to moderate the climate and the extensive mountains and foothills provide many altitudes for grape growing and a variety of climate and soil conditions.

Italy has 20 wine regions spreading the length of the country that correspond to the 20 administrative regions, with each region boasting individual and varying cuisines and therefore wines to complement them.

One of the most well known wine regions is Tuscany, famous for its Chianti. Its popularity perhaps stems from the famous cities it contains -Florence, Siena, Lucca and Pisa – as well as the beautiful rolling Tuscan hills surrounding them, meaning that your trip to the region can incorporate the best the country has to offer.

If you want to experience Tuscan cuisine in a more involved way, the internet can offer excellent local knowledge.

Thankfully, wine tourism is highly evolved in Italy, with producers offering other services as well as just a cellar door.

Many wineries, for example, offer ‘agriturism’, where tourists can actually stay on a wine estate, providing an ideal platform from which to explore deep into this famous area of the world.

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