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My Italian Journey

by Jossie
(Las Vegas,Usa)

Some years ago I visited Montecatini Termini with my sister Aida. Wonderful place! Close to Florence and nearby towns. Took the tram up to Montecatini Alto, a quaint little town on top of the hill. Enjoyed some wine and did some shopping.

Then rented a car and drove to Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure, where we spend the night, unexpectedly, as it was too late to drive back! So, bought toothbrushes and paste, and found a little hotel in Santa Margherita. Had dinner at a delightful Trattoria across the street from hotel.

Returned next morning to Montecatini and stopped in Lucca for a Cappuccino. Our trip eventually took us to Venice, where I returned the rental and walked and walked....loveliest of times.

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Giglio and now Amalfi

by Megan
(The Wrong Country)

The Hotel Caterina Amalfi

The Hotel Caterina Amalfi

I travelled to the island of Giglio this summer. Oh what an experience, balmy nights of wonderful wines, food of the heavens and laughter that went on late into the wee hours of the morning.

If this is what Italy is all about then I've wasted thirty plus years of life. Why oh why did I not discover this country before... the movie Eat Pray Love doesn't come close to capturing just what a sensual experience being in Italy really is. The sights, the sounds, the smells and the tastes... why wait until you're dead to head to paradise? You HAVE to jump on the first plane and go now.

Now the saddest part was having to go home, I have barely set foot on my so unsatisfying, dull and dreary home shores and I am planning to return.

Amalfi it will be this time, with a return to marvellous Giglio. This time it will be for longer...a month at least and I am planning to make this gem of a country my home.

Don't they say that where there is a will there is a way? Well I have so much will I can hardly sleep anymore thinking about Italy so no doubt I'll find a way to live my dream.

My days will no longer be spent in a corner rabbit hutch on the 31st floor of a glass container. No way... ancient piazzas of color, love and life are my destiny.

Okay...that all said do you have any ideas on where to go in Amalfi?

Andrew's reply: I loved your submission. You had me laughing out loud and yes don't worry where there is a will there is a way. I mean I managed to marry an Italian girl and ended up moving to Italy.

Where to stay in Amalfi and things to do? Why not visit the site of that lovely girl I married so many years back now for some gorgeous here to go across to her site now..

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