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An Italian Tour Itinerary

by Len

My wife and I have put an itinerary for our independent trip to Italy starting September 1st and returning on the 24th.

Venice - 3 nights staying at the hotel Canal Grande

Verona - 3 nights staying at the Hotel Accademia

Lake Garda - 3 nights staying at the Hotel Olivi

Cinque Terre - 4 nights staying at the Hotel Tigullio Royal in Rapello

Urbino - 4 nights staying at the Hotel Mamiani

Ascoli Piceno - 4 nights staying at the Hotel Palazzo Guiderocchi

I would appreciate your comments on the itinerary.
I would also appreciate your insight on what to do and see in Venice,Verona, Lake Garda and Cinque Terre, but considering your intimate familiarity of the LeMarche area:
Must see towns and sites as well as restaurants while we are based in Urbino and Ascoli Piceno.

We were also thinking of a side trip to Assisi and a mountain/national park while we are in Ascoli - comments, suggestions.
What temperatures should we expect in this area for the month of September?

Since we will be gone for a considerable amount of time we are concerned about laundry facilities in these locations, towns other than the hotels.

I know this a lot to ask, however this is an ambitious itinerary and a special occasion and I wanted it to be special.

Thank You very much for all your help!


Andrew's reply:

The itinerary looks great and you are giving yourselves enough time in each place. In Venice though I would rather suggest you stay at the Opera Hotel or at the Foscari Palace Hotel - click here for my wife Maria's review of this and
other great hotels in Venice

Still in Venice here is Maria's list of things you must do.

When it comes to Lake Garda and Verona again you'll see on Maria's Venice site that she has a lot of suggestions regarding both. We normally stay around the southern part of the lake on the eastern shores for a number of reasons including that this way you are near to Verona, Soave and the wine regions.

One of the towns I can really recommend here is Lazise otherwise Garda Town, a little further north, is lovely too.

On the Cinque Terre I normally stay in Levanto at the great value Oasi Hotel but my best friend in Italy has recommended a place outside of Mornterosso which looks fantastic - you can click here to see it on my other site about Piedmont, Le Marche and Liguria.

In the Marche do try and visit Mondavio and Corinaldo and San Leo, a side trip to Assisi is a good idea too although the national park might be a little too much to fit in. In terms of restaurants try the Diligenza di Borgo Pace which is a little outside of Urbino and also the Antico Osterria da la Stella. The Locandiera in Ascoli Piceno used to be great but it is a while since I visited.

The hotels will all be able to help with laundry although make sure you do it during the week as getting it done on weekends in Italy can be a problem.

You should have great weather in September, not too hot. You may get a few rainy days but apart from that September weather is normally lovely.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Support us by using our links to Amazon when you shop.