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Beaches in Sicily

by Carla

My family were from Sicily but I am second generation American and have never been to Sicily or Italy before. This year I am taking my folks over and we are all so excited.

We'll get to spend two weeks in Italy, wish it could be longer but we aren't like you Europeans with your long vacations :-)

Your wife, Maria was a star in helping us plan the Venice and Rome leg of the vacation a few weeks back and her website on Venice is amazing...hey don't worry though - I like yours just as much!

The Sicilian part is the thing that is worrying me now. I am young - under thirty- and in Sicily we'll be staying with old relatives in Palermo for a week.

Now here's the thing - I really would love to visit these cool beaches but do I need to stay right on these beaches or is Palermo near enough to be able to get out to the beaches for the day. I'll have a rental car for the time we are in Palermo. People tell me I am brave to want to drive in Palermo but how much worse than New York can it be?

Haven't finished yet...I've got another question :-) We'll be arriving in Sicily in September - the early part. Is the weather really still okay for beaches?

Andrew's reply:

It is a good thing you said you like my website too... now I'll be happy to help :-)

I have lots of good news for you...Sicily in September is perfect. Plenty of warm weather and few crowds.

More good news is that these Sicilian beaches I write about are easy to get to from Palermo by car. It will take you about an hour though and you'll need a car - which you have. Driving isn't too bad either - just go with the flow and hoot often.

One tip: Go out to the beaches during the week. Over the weekends they get a lot more crowded with day-trippers heading to the beach from Palermo and Trapani.

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