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Best Beach near Taormina

by Craig
(Barnet UK)

The Beaches of Taormina Sicily

The Beaches of Taormina Sicily

This summer I have been thinking of taking my family (three children and my wife) to Taormina in Sicily, which is a town I spent a few weeks in many years ago.

I really loved it at the time yet despite longing to return I haven't been back to Taormina nor Sicily. I am sure you know how it is, life seems to get so busy, you get a career, a family and before you know it ten years and more have flown by.

This year, come what may, I am going back with the family in tow and may I please ask you for some advice?

I recall some lovely beaches in Taormina when I was there and one in particular that was at the bottom of a cliff. It would be most helpful if you could tell me the name of this beach and if you know of any other beaches in Taormina or near Taormina that you can recommend we visit.

Any suggestion you may have about hotels in the Taormina area would be entirely appreciated as well. Please bear in mind that my children are all young (the oldest is twelve and the youngest is three) and we are on a budget so affordable family accomodation is the order of the day.

Andrew's reply: The beach at the bottom of the cliff must be Lido Mazzarò. You need to take the cable car down to the beach which costs about two Euros. The kids will love it and they'll enjoy the cable car trip down too.

Only disadvantage with Mazzaro beach is that it gets crowded in July but even more so in August and they charge a fortune for deck chairs and the like.

Another stunning area is the Isola Bella beach. The scenery is gorgeous but the beach is stony so it isn't the best for children. Definitely worth a visit though.

Probably your best bet when it come to beaches in Taormina is Spisone beach which is a couple of kilometers north of Mazzaro. It is a free beach so there aren't any facilities but is is the sandiest Taormina beach and quite lovely.

If you would like sand AND good facilities then try the Giardini Naxos beach, which lies to the south of Mazzaro beach and the Isola Bella.

In terms of hotels I can highly recommend you stay at the Hotel Palladio, situated across from the Giardini Naxos beach.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Support us by using our links to Amazon when you shop.