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Best Beaches near Florence

by Jaden
(East London)

This summer I am heading out to Italy for the first time ever. I am planning on Tuscany and want to stay in Florence. I only have a week there but hoped that you could help me with a few things. Firstly do you have any suggestions on where to stay in Florence? A three star hotel or a good value four is about what I need.

The other question is which are the best beaches near Florence Italy? It would be cool to visit a med beach for a day or even two.

They need to be near to Florence. I can hire a car but don't want to drive more than an hour or maybe two to get there. These beaches you talk about sound brilliant but are they very close to Florence?

Any help you can give would really be great. I would love to drink a glass of one of those wines you talk about while watching the sunset on a great beach:-)

Andrew's reply: I really can help you with hotels, I have just finished putting together a list of my favorite hotels in Florence on my other site - click here to view them.

To answer your question about beaches near Florence there are a number of beaches like Viareggio which are a lot closer than the beaches of Maremma. The beaches of Viareggio are a little over an hours drive from Florence

I don't much like them though. Being near to Florence they are very crowded and full of those regimented rows of umbrellas that many Italian love plus they are expensive.

Baratti and the other Maremma beaches are way better and though it is too far for a day trip you could leave early and spend one night there. The drive to Baratti is around three hours from Florence.

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