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Buying these Italian Wines in the USA and UK

by Jonathan
(London UK)

I have noticed that you do not sell many of the wines you include on your website yourself. I imagine this is because you don't want to get involved in all the complications involving customs and all the other bureaucracy involved with shipping wines to the USA and even the UK?

I am pretty sure though that, short of a trip over to Italy, many people would love to have the chance to try the wines you have spoken about.

That is where I may be able to help. My company is one of the leading purveyors of fine wines in the United Kingdom and now in New York too where we have an interest in a wine retailer.

We are not a volume wine retailer but a seller of top-end and carefully selected wines from around the world. Exactly the types of wines your website is about and a good few of these wines you write about are to be found in our shops.

Andrew's reply:

Thank you for contacting me and you are quite correct when you suggest I may not want to get involved in selling the wines myself because of the bureaucracy and other complications. That is one of the reasons but another is that it is not my core business.

My main interest and passion is to share information about wineries and wines that visitors might never have discovered on their own. I enjoy doing that without any biases towards one winery or another.

Basically I am not influenced by commercial considerations when it comes down to featuring a particular wine. I don't care if a wine is a big seller or not, as long as it is a good wine, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Having said all that I do get a lot of people asking me where they can purchase the wines I feature on the site and it would be good to be able to refer them to a retailer in their country. To that end I would
suggest you contact me on this page.

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