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by Mandy
(Cape Town)

I am enjoying learning about Italian wines on your blog. I can almost not believe it but I have hardly heard of any of the wines you talk about. It just goes to show you that I have stacks and stacks to learn still!

Do you perhaps have a Facebook page that I could follow? I love reading about the wines you mention and about the lovely Italian landscapes they come from and it is always easy to follow things on Facebook.

Andrew's reply: I do have a Facebook page. It has some stunning photos of Italy, lots of great insider information and a little on wines too.

You can visit the page and of course LIKE it too at

Don't forget too that if you like my site you'll see each page has a share button on it and I'd really appreciate it if you could click on that button and share on Facebook. Every little bit helps our website to grow and we can then afford to buy and try more wines :-) For me every day is a "support Italian wine day"

Please don't tell my wife Maria I said that... she already thinks I drink too much wine as it is and I suspect she would have preferred me to have started a website on sparkling water!

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