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Going to Visit Rome

by Gilbert
(Brighton, England)

Visiting Rome

Visiting Rome

I will be visiting Rome in July of this year. It is the first time that I will be visiting Rome. I suppose that is a pretty poor show considering that I live in the UK and a flight to Rome is a simple few hours flying time.

I am not one for organised tours or travel packages and for this reason I would most appreciate any help you may be able to offer in helping me to put together my itinerary.

Firstly with a hotel, I have of course read all the reviews on Tripadvisor but how can one really tell whether these are genuine or not? Some suggestions have been made by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) that many are written by competitors or the hotel owners friends. It would be highly appreciated if you, from your own personal experience, could recommend a handful of decent hotels offering value - nothing too luxurious or ostentatious mind.

After Rome I will be driving to Tuscany and I would very much like to book into an hotel on a wine estate. I have done something similar in both South Africa and in Australia and I was wondering if you could recommend a place of this nature. I would then like to use this as a base to explore the nearby wineries and some of the villages and towns of Tuscany.

My last you know which part of Tuscany it is that is home to the famous Italian version of the T-bone steak? I would really like to give that a try.

Andrew's reply:

I am happy to help. I have heard the same about Tripadvisor so I am most pleased to hear you trust my recommendations over those of Tripadvisor.

When it comes to hotels in Rome though you'll need to trust the recommendations of my wife Maria rather than me:-) Here then are her recommendations for Rome.

I would suggest the Badia a Coltibuono when it comes to a good winery to stay at in Tuscany and they have some good wines to enjoy as well.

Regarding the Fiorentine, you should be able to get this anywhere in Tuscany but I have always found the best ones to be those from the Maremma, the home of the last Italian cowboy and the least developed part of Tuscany.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Support us by using our links to Amazon when you shop.