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Ice Wine Thanks & Help Required

by Dean

Not really a story to share but a very big thank you Andrew for the case of Casa Ronsil Ice Wine. I wasn't going to get my hopes up too high and I ordered the case more for novelties sake but I must tell that I am completely amazed with this wine. It is a brilliant wine, really superb and I can promise you that I will soon be ordering another case from you.

I need your help with something else to. I know you know the Piedmont area of Italy very well and I would like to visit the Langhe region later in the year, could you please recommend a good place to stay here or somewhere nearby? I really would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Andrew's reply:

I am so pleased you enjoyed the wine, it really is a very very good wine. Unfortunately they are talking about no longer continuing with it which would mean the death of one of the very few Italian ice wines. Hopefully if enough people buy it they may be persuaded otherwise.

Regarding where to stay in the Langhe I would not hesitate to recommend the delightful Villa Lauri It is in the little village of Neive which was recently voted one of the loveliest villages in all of Italy.

For a few other good options in the Langhe region have a look at these other Piedmont favorites of mine.

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