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I'm a Bit of a Tuscan Wine Expert

by Peter

tuscany wine vineyards

tuscany wine vineyards

I have for over twenty years loved Tuscan wines and I am quite a collector with a wine cellar back home full of some of the great names. I have a number of the ones you recommend so it goes to show great minds think alike!!

Last year I had the great joy of taking a tour to Tuscany. It was only my second time here and what a wondrous experience it was for me and my wife Betty (who had never been). It is 26 years ago yesterday since we first got married and this tour was to celebrate our twenty fifth wedding anniversary and boy is there a better place for a romantic wedding anniversary than Tuscany? No I didn't think so!

I stayed at the Badia Coltibuono and everything you say is true. Friendly people indeed and the tastings were an experience. You know there are two things you should mention on your web site: One is the restaurant they have there which is very good and the other is the olive oil they produce.

I suppose you might like my opinion on the wines...I love them! I have known about Badia's wines for many years and I have always enjoyed their Chianti Classico.

Well done on putting a video on site about the differences between Chianti Classico and Chianti. When I say to folks I love Chianti Classico they look at me like I'm a little crazy. Next time I'll refer them to the video.

I really think that the Italian Government should never have allowed areas outside of the real Chianti to call their wines Chianti.

Andrew's reply: Thank you for taking the time to write. I always appreciate that. Maria (my wife) says well done on taking your wife to Tuscany but please don't make her wait another 25 years before you take her again :-)

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