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by Gill

I want to know if you can help me. I am a great wine lover and Italy is always the one country where I have forever loved the wines. I have a big problem though because I can only drink Kosher Italian wines.

This is not so great because so many of the wonderful Italian wines are not available to me. You cannot know how sad I am about this but, hey, what can I do. Shrug my shoulders and get on with life being grateful that at least some Italian wines are Kosher.

Now you are wondering what does this man want from me, what help does he need? Well what I would need is a simple thing - I need your advice.

I want to try a good Moscato wine from Piedmont. Can you help me with a good one. Very easy to find I'm sure if they don't need to be Kosher but it needs to be Kosher . Now this is a good test of you. If you find me one I will be very impressed. I will also understand if you tell me to get lost and you don't want to waste your time for me.

Andrew's reply I would never tell you to get lost :-) I always enjoy a challenge.

Now do you want the good news? Amazingly I have found a good Moscato wine from Piedmont that is Kosher. I haven't ever tried the wine myself but I have spoken with a few Jewish friends of mine in Italy and they tell me this is a very good Moscato indeed with all the characteristics of a non-Kosher Moscato.

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