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Italian Wine Shop

by Carl

I am going to be spending eight days in the city of Milano for business later this year. Never been to Italy before so I am kind of excited.

I am a real fan of Italian wines but I am sadly neglected by the off-licences (what wine shops are called here) and the big supermarkets like Tesco in my home town. They simply do not stock anything but the big commercial names of Italian wine.

That once was enough for me but reading about all these lovely little wineries on your website has really led me to want more - no longer shall those mass-produced Chiantis and Asti Spumantes do it for me!

Trouble is I haven't been able to find even one of these wines you have on the website so I am hoping to be able to discover some of them in the Italian wine shops. I think it will have to be the Milano wine shops because I'm not sure if I'll get much time to travel anywhere else.

Sorry to have become rather long winded but simply put I need a rather good wine shop in Milano. Can you help?

Andrew's reply:

You won't have any trouble finding good wine shops in Milan - the city is full of great ones with wines from all over Italy. One I particularly like, which is also a wine bar, and has a huge range is N'ombra de Vin Enoteca (Enoteca means wine shop in Italian). The people working here know Italian wine inside and out and some speak English too. They are really helpful as well.

One last thing; Do try to get out of Milan if you possibly can. Milan is not one of my favorite cities but to the north there are stunning lakes and spectacular mountains which you will really love. Lake Como is one of the easiest places to get to and the scenery and villages around here are quite wonderful.

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