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Pertinace, Piedmont, Paradise

Thank you for all your advice and suggestions earlier this year when we were in the planning stages for our trip to Piedmont.

If you recall it was to be our first trip to this part of Italy and your suggestions together with those on this site and your other one about Piedmont proved to be invaluable.

I stayed at the Villa Lauri Hotel in Neive. and we found it charming and very peaceful. In fact we are already planning our return next year.

I was fortunate enough to try many of the wines you suggested but for one reason or another we never managed to make it to the Cascina Saria which was the closest of all the wineries to the Villa Lauri.

I particularly enjoyed the Pertinace which you recommended to us although it wasn't on your website yet at that time. I am glad you have now included it and it means it will be a lot easier for us to buy it in future.

If you don't mind me asking a rather personal question I was just wondering how you manage to make money to keep going – do the wine estates pay you?

Andrew's reply: I do remember your mail and I am so pleased that my suggestions proved worthwhile.

I don't mind you asking about how I pay the bills. I often ask myself how I'm going to pay them too. To be clear though I don't accept payments from any winery. If I ever did I would make sure to show them as a sponsor or something.

Basically I only recommend wines I like regardless of how popular the wines are or aren't. No one can pay me to recommend something I don't think belongs on the site.

I make a small commission from Amazon on wine sales that come through my site although I actually work with them more for the peace of mind they provide for people ordering wines .

Then I have adverts from a few major networks and I get a small commission if people book a hotel I recommend via my site. Again I only ever recommend a few hotels and only those I know personally and trust absolutely.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Support us by using our links to Amazon when you shop.