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The beauty of Italian wine

by Charlotte

When it comes to Italian wine, over here in the UK we really are spoiled for choice such is the speedy flow of imports in the wine sector from Italy, and it's just as well because wine from Italy offers the discerning palate that extra something special. Let's take a quick look at a few favourites from regions around the country.

In Piedmont you can find the brilliant ruby red wine of Barbaresco, with the wine from here darkening almost mysteriously with age until it becomes a deep, dark maroon shade.

The dry wine offers a pleasant scent of vanilla with complex layers of almost bittersweet flavours; this is a drink to be enjoyed for its intense nature rather than one to indulge in each night. It goes very well with barbecued meat of all kinds but particularly game meat such as rabbit.

Regional Italian specialities including salami and intensely flavoured cheeses also act as appropriate accompaniments to this full of character wine. If you do want to indulge, make sure you serve at room temperature and allow the wine a little time to breathe before serving.

In the same region, you can find Barolo, a lighter coloured wine that has more bitter traces running through it than the Barbaresco.

It is less intense but more full bodied and has a rounder taste that allows it to go very well with Italian stews and lighter meats. The grapes come from eleven municipalities up in the Langhe hills, just south of the stunning town of Alba, and this is a wine that will suit those newly accustomed to drinking red.

With Asti also a popular choice from this region, and with this region just one of many in the Italian winemaking scene, it's clear to see why the country is able to boast such a fine reputation for wine throughout the world.

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