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Where are the best beaches in Italy

by Tim
(New Zealand)

A Beautiful Sardinian Beach

A Beautiful Sardinian Beach

I am in the process of planning a honeymoon trip to Italy. I am passionate about beaches and as this honeymoon period is to be the best experience of our lives I want to make sure that the beaches are the best beaches in Italy. That's why I need your help.

You have some pretty cool looking beaches on this site but are these the best beaches in Italy? If they aren't then where are the best beaches in Italy?

It would be awesome if you could give me some advice...I'll be sure to send you a postcard :-)

Andrew's reply:

I'm only to happy to help. If you want the perfect honeymoon and you need the best beach then I have the answer. A beach that is the stuff of dreams!

First let me say that the beaches on this page are great and that they are the perfect beaches if you are staying in Firenze or elsewhere in Tuscany. However, they aren't the best beaches in all of Italy. Thereare beaches far better. Beaches that will put most of those in the Caribbean to shame.

Where are these best beaches in Italy

On the often forgotten, yet indescribably gorgeous, East coast of Sardinia. These then are the five very best of all the Sardinian beaches.

If you want a romantic place to stay, one of the most romantic in all of Italy and some lovely beaches too then try Amalfi. These are the loveliest of the Amalfi beaches.

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