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by Hein
(South Africa)

Biondi Santi Wines in South Africa

Biondi Santi Wines in South Africa

I really enjoyed a decent number of the Jacopo Biondi Santi wines on a recent holiday to Italy.

Of most note was the Sassoallora. A wine I felt moved Tuscan wines forward with a modern wine which builds on the past...exactly the thing you say Mr. Biondi Santi was aiming at.

My reason for contacting you however is another. I live in South Africa and on my return home I hoped to be able to buy Jacopo Biondi Santi's wine here. I have to date been sorely disappointed.

Nobody I have spoken to has even heard of Jacopo Biondi Santi nor his wines and nobody seems to care about getting to know him nor his wines either.

Not a single wine shop or supermarket stocks them or plans to ever stock them. Do you have any idea where I might be able to buy them locally? If you do I would really be grateful if you could tell me.

P.S. The photo was taken in my local supermarket which claims to have wines from everywhere but in fact only about 10% of their wines come from anywhere but South Africa. This is still way more than most shops here.

Andrew's reply: Sadly, as far as I am aware, the wines are not sold in South Africa.

I know that Jacopo undertook an event to promote his wines in South Africa a few years back, which I happened to attend, but interest was negligible.

It seems most South Africans are not that impressed with the new Tuscan wines. In fact South Africans tend to prefer their own wines and have little taste for Italian or any other foreign wines.

The only thing for it is to plan another trip to Italy. You have yet another excuse to go.

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