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Wine in Campania

Wine in Campania is an age-old tradition that is as much about history as it is about taste. Wine making has been part of daily life in this region since around the 13th century BC but recent years have seen a surge in popularity from the produce of this region of Italy.

Some wine connoisseurs have handed wines from Campania an unfair reputation for being ones almost worth wasting on quick consumption and overdoing it alongside a heavy meal. However, this is slightly unfair on some of the subtle flavours that have come out of this region in the past.

Yes, so traditionally the Italians created the wine primarily for immediate pleasure rather than waiting for them to mature, but that doesn't detract from the fact that a handful of winemakers in the region have garnered respect from elsewhere in the country and further afield.

The unique cuisine of the region forms a crucial part of the winemaking scene, since the traditional pasta and pizza dishes along with the region's focus on coffee, make strong and intense wines a must at meal time in Campania.

Arguably one of the finest wines that is enjoyed throughout the world is Taurasi, which is an intense red colour that actually lightens with age.

It is a full-bodied and dynamic wine that goes very well with meat in any form. It has a fairly woody flavour that complements smoked meats and cheeses as well. The grape grows in high hills along the beautiful Calore River and should be served at room temperature.

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