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Wine that is too Expensive

by Kobus
( Cape Town, South Africa)

I'm surprised you feature this Biondi Santi wine on your site. This is about as big and pretentious a wine and winery as you can get. Having followed your site for a fair while now I know that you despise pretense and snobbery in your wines.

I know too that most of the wines you have elsewhere are excellent value, unknown in my country and really a joy to discover. In fact I am a frequent visitor to Italy and I have had the pleasure of discovering many of the wineries you feature and I have yet to be disappointed.

I somehow think you only featured these BS wines(short for Biondi Santi)as a bit of a joke - to show exactly the type of wines you hate. Your phrase about Jacopo lording it over this terroir convinces me still the more that this is the case.

Whatever reason you have for featuring these wines I would like to suggest that your visitors don't bother applying for a bank loan to buy any of these wines. They are very good wines, sure, but they are way over priced and you can drink oh so much better wine from Tuscany and from Piedmont (like you I love these region) at well under half the price.

Andrew's reply:

I only featured Jacopo Biondi Santi's wines because I love the Maremma, enjoy staying at the nearby Terenzi Winery and needed a well known winery in the area to convince my wife that we needed another vacation for 'business reasons';-)

Seriously though they do produce excellent wines and not all of them require bank-financing before purchasing. Still they are on the whole over-priced and they are not the type of winery I like to feature.

Perhaps it is because they were one of the first wine estates I included on the site, maybe that has made me sentimental about getting rid of them. To be honest it might soon be time to say good-bye to them unless someone can give me a convincing reason as to why I should continue keeping them on the website?

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